Thursday, February 7, 2013

Tribute to Mega Man 2 (sorta)

As some of you may know, today Mega Man 2 was released on Nintendo 3DS virtual console. How could I pass the chance to do a little blog about that game? This game is probably one of the most important games in gaming history. As far as NES games go, it was a perfect mixture of gameplay, graphics, sound and music. The game was tough but not as unforgiving as it's predecessor. It featured varied stages, enemies and music all the way through. It may not seem to be such a deal nowadays but back then, variety wasn't so common in games. Mega Man 2 definitely stood out as a video game. It was an experience like no other.

Now.. since that is a blog post by me, I'm gonna talk about the music of this game. The soundtrack of this game was, and still is, one of the most memorable soundtracks in video game history. It's a soundtrack that stuck in the minds of the people who played that game over and over again to overcome it's numerous challenges. Obviously, this spawned a lot of covers/remixes over the years and here are a couple of the best ones I can think of right now.

First of all, mister Mega Beardo (@megabeardo on twitter) did an amazing tribute album to Mega Man 2. You can look up this great album on bandcamp here. For those of you who simply don't feel like clicking the link and experience all the awesomeness of this album, here's a shining example of why you should:

This my friends, is what I'm talking about. This isn't the only example of great tributes artists have done to Mega Man 2's insanely good soundtrack over the years. Numerous rock covers were done by bands like The Advantage, NESkimos, Arm Cannon, Minibosses and more. Some bands also made live covers of the game's soundtrack. Bit Brigade did just that and you just HAVE to check that one out:

Chiptune remixes were also done by numerous artists (like A_Rival, djpretzel, Project X.. just to name a few). A number of theme can be found on OCRemix. I could go on about the OCRemix stuff but I'll leave that for other blog posts.

As much as I love the covers and remixes that were done for this game, the original music remains the main attraction for me. I find myself listening to it time and time again! Can't get bored of this! Anyway, just wanted to write a little something in honor of this great game which, no doubt, helped shaped gaming as it is today. Here's Bubble Man's theme and Dr. Wily's Castle theme from the game. Just cause you know.. You have to end a blog post in style right? Here you go then:

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