Thursday, February 7, 2013

The huge, heartwarming world of video game music remixes

Video games used to be all about colored pixels and miniature sounds here and there. Then there were those old 8-bit systems which added much needed music in games. Music I love even today, 25 years later. The music of these games.. I always thought they had personality. Real personality! Then there were the 16-bit systems.. and oh my god did these sound good to my ears!! That's when the fire started to spread inside me. The fascination for the work of all those composers who managed to put so much personality in music tracks that were meant to play on admittedly very limited sound hardware.

When I was in college, I marveled at that new thing I could access through my computer which I believe was called.. the internet or something like that. Oh the possibilities!! And yet, most of what I did with the said internet at that time was to search for music.. video game music to be precise! A couple of years later, I stumbled into that new site, OCRemix. There I could download free MP3 remixes of games I loved in the past, old (mostly) but also new. Oh the great music I got to listen to at that site over the years! That's why I wanted to post a couple of OCRemix tracks that had a lot of impact on me over the years. Some of these I actually listen to since late 1999, early 2000.

Here goes!! The first track I want to share is one made by AmIEvil in 2000. This track made me fall off my chair when I first listened to it really.. I thought it perfectly captured the spirit of the source material, which is the variation of Terra's Theme in FFVI that was played at the beginning of the game in that scene with the Magitek Armors marching towards the city of Narshe.

The second track I want to share is actually still one of my favorite remixes even today. This one is a remix of music from Earthbound. Yeah THAT game which we're never gonna play again except if 1) you already own it or 2) you're ready to drop an insane amount of money for the game on Ebay. Rellik did that remix back in 2004 actually. For some reason, this track sends me in a strange state of mind.. It's like it's imprisoning me inside my mind for a couple of minutes. A very nice remix that is!

Last one for now, I wanted to share that track from Dj Redlight. A remix of music from Final Doom made in 2004 as well. Talk about a really moody remix! I listened to this one a lot at work and enjoyed it more and more every time. Enjoy!

Hope you enjoyed those few tracks! I plan on posting more of these in the coming days/months/years/who knows. I also plan on sharing original game music from old times to today. See you next time!

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